Above Ground Swimming Pools Prices

Above Ground Swimming PoolsAbove ground swimming pool season is almost here and great prices can be found online for entire above ground pool kits.

The quality of the liner, sidewalls and construction such as posts and caps will determine the price for the pool.  Pool size is also a factor.

Above Ground Pool Kits sometimes come complete with the pool ladder. A good ladder will be retractable to avoid little kids climbing in unsupervised. Pool covers are also an accessory needed, especially if the pool will stay in place over the winter months.

Pump and Sand Filter are two important components. The pump is usually a 1hp pump and the sand filter can be 16″ or even 19″ to properly clean the pool water.

Pool prices for above ground pools can be as low as $1,500 or so for an 18′ round pool, but price also depends on what comes in the pool kit and the quality of the components and liner. Note that free shipping is offered by some more aggresive online resellers – well worth it as pools are bulky and heavy.
A typical above ground pool installation can be completed over a weekend. Alot of the work is just levelling and preparing the site.

Great prices on above ground pool kits are available from reliable online suppliers that offer free shipping.
Enjoy your summer in your above ground pool!

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