Benefits of Buying a Large Hot Tub

You’ve just come home from a long and stressful day at work, and the only thing on your mind is kicking off your shoes and soaking your tired body and mind in the warm bubbling waters of your very own hot tub. On the weekends, you truly enjoy the idea of having a few friends over and lounge in your hot tub fully equipped with LED lighting, sound speakers and caddy trays to hold your food and beverages. Regardless of how you want to use your tub, one of the essential factors to think about before buying one is the size and seating capacity of the tub. People with a large family who all enjoy the relaxation of a spa, or those who like to entertain a variety of friends may opt for a larger 8 seater spa to accommodate all the occupants that want to be in the tub at the same time. If the space and budget permits, larger tubs can be a real luxury.

Why Buy a Large Hot Tub?

Larger spas with advanced technological accessories can really give you a luxury focal point for your home’s backyard. One of the best larger spas on the market is the QCA Spas GT 289 Performance Series 8 person hot tub spa. Any luxury item you can think of has been included with this model. Enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy massage with the strategically placed jets that will hit all the sore spots on your body. Choose the lounger seat so you can lay back and relax while your feet are being massaged by the foot dome jets. Turn on your LED lighting system and built-in stereo speakers for an awesome party vibe that your friends will truly enjoy and be impressed with. You can easily control the water temperature, lighting and jets with top-side controllers. If you are considering buying a large hot tub, this QCA Spa is the one to get.

This spa is also energy efficient, which is very important nowadays. The Energy Saver System will save on heating thanks to the heat recycling system that has been engineered with this model. Warm air is recycled through the water lines in order to conserve heat and energy. This is a great aspect for saving on costs for heating the tub water. is a reputable supplier of QCA Spas, who have been around since 1966. Take advantage of their factory direct pricing to get the lowest price on a luxury model. You can buy large hot tub and customize it with LED lighting, a sound system and more. Best of all – they will ship it for free!

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