Discount Hot Tub Covers Online

Ordering a replacement hot tub cover online requires taking the correct measurements of the existing spa cover. In particular, care must be taken to get the right corner radius as choosing too large of a radius will not cover the round edges of the cover. The radius is measured from the outer edge of the cover inward, so the larger the radius, the more material is “cut off” from the rounded corners.

Discount Hot Tub Covers Online

Time to Replace Your Hot Tub Cover?

Although some companies try to get you to print out paper copies of rounded corners, this is really hard to line up and if your printer is not exactly calibrated, you are relying on a false sense of security when taking the measurements. All replacement spa cover vendors online will tell you that if you make a mistake measuring the cover, there are no refunds.

Even if a replacement spa cover were to generously offer refunds for improperly measured covers, the return shipping may cost about the same as the cover to begin with. So getting the cover measurements right is an easy but important step when ordering a replacement spa cover.

If you have a rectangular cover with no rounded corners, it is a simple matter of taking a tape measure and measuring the length and width of the cover. Do not go by spa dimensions, as the cover must fit on the spa lip to securly cover the spa when not in use and not allow precious heat to escape as found with a poorly fitting cover.

If you have rounded corners, measure the length and width of the cover on the straight section and then take a carpenters square across the corner and measure from the point in space where the corner would be if there was no rounded edge – to the point where the cover starts to curve away from the straight edge. This will give you the spa cover radius.

For octagonal and odd-shaped covers, take individual measurements of each side and note them on a sheet of paper. Again, submitting the spa model can be a mistake because hot tub manufacturers can change the dimensions of a particular model as they update their spa forms.

Another measurement to provide is the “spa skirt length”. This is just the length of the flap that goes all the way around the perimeter of the cover. This is largely a matter of choice as some like a longer skirt and some prefer it a bit shorter. In any case, this flap should protect the side of the acrylic shell so it is not exposed to the sun when the spa is not in use.

With the proper dimensions in hand, simply select the color of the spa cover you prefer along with the cover thickness.

Options you may find when ordering a replacement spa cover are the foam density which is how dense the foam structure is. The denser it is, the more rigid and stabler it is. Options generally are either 1 1/2 pound or 2 pound foam. The 2 pound foam is a stronger cover. The actual cover thickness is more important for insulation while the foam density is more about how much snow-load the cover can take and how durable the inner core is.

For best results in colder climates, choose at least a 4 inch thick cover (that usually tapers to either 3 or 2 inches) and minimum 1 1/2 pound foam with 2 pound foam being better.

Almost all good hot tub covers are tapered covers for outdoor use which means the cover is thicker in the center than at the edges to allow rain and melting snow and ice to run off of the cover without accumulating on it which can create pits and damage the cover.

See some of our other posts and pages on how to take care of a spa cover to get the most mileage before having to replace the cover. In the U.S., contact us for the best prices on factory direct spa covers.

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