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Discount Hot Tub Filters Online

Hot tub filters are often overlooked until they are almost completely disintigrated and cracked.  In the mean time, the spa plumbing, heater and other components were not getting the full benefit of clean water passing through the filter.  In extreme cases, the water pressure drops at the heater and a FLO problem occurs. Also pump seals can wear, causing a leaky pump.

Unnecessary maintenance issues like these can be prevented with routine filter maintenance.  Regular washing between the pleats to clean the filter media will help extend the life of paper cartridge filters.  At one point, usually every year to year and half, the filter should be replaced.

Low priced filters are available online that are compatible with most any spa.  Knowing a Pleatco or Unicel reference number will help assure the filter bought online will fit and work.  Sometimes this number is stamped on the endcap of the filter, or the manufacturer can tell the customer what filter model it is. Otherwise, taking measurements of the filter is a sure way to find a suitable replacement online.

How to measure a cartridge filter for replacement?  Take the length of the filter and measure the width. Then measure the center hole diameter and make note of any obstructions such as solid end caps instead of ones with holes in them, bulging endcaps or strings and handles on one side. Some filters also have a threaded side that screws into the filter canister instead of most filters that just have a round hole going all the way through the filter center.

With filter measurements in hand, compare the dimensions to ones found online and make note of the Unicel reference number for easier shopping next time. Find the best deals on replacement spa filters at or see the page on Best places to find a discount hot tub filter online.

Happy Tubbing!

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