Discount OEM Filters and Pumps Save Hot Tub Owners a Bundle

Hot tub water filter and pumpA newer trend in Canadian hot tub supplies, accessories and parts is the OEM filter or pump.  Basically a no frills label that comes with gigantic savings.  Sometimes the components or parts of these replacement hot tub parts are the same as those made by the brands.  One cartridge filter can be half the price of the comparable brand name filter, but could still be made with the same quality Reemay filter paper, so the filtration is the same at half the cost.

When it comes to replacement hot tub pumps, there are two components: the spa motor and the wet end.  The motors are made by G.E., A.O. Smith and other hot tub motor manufacturers, and the wet ends are made by Waterway and other quality plastics manufacturers.  A brand name replacement hot tub pump bought through a retailer can quickly add hundreds of dollars to a similar pump.

Similarly quality pumps are made to the same specs as Waterway, Ultra-Jet, Vico and other pump brands at a fraction of the cost.  If you are replacing a spa pump that is a brand name pump such as the Executive series, you will be convinced that even the brand name pumps can fail. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a replacement spa pump. Why not go easier on your pocketbook this time and get the OEM replacement pump by Master Series instead.  Treat yourself and loved one to a nice dinner out on the savings you will get by buying the OEM brand.  Typically the lower cost pumps may use the brand name wet end but use a generic motor or even a Century or US Motor.

Replacing hot tub filters and pumps is not hard.  For the filter, just remove the existing filter and put in the new cartridge.  The pumps can be more challenging, so you can either have a handy person do it or even a spa tech, but the process basically involves shutting off the spa, draining it or closing the service valves (don’t forget to open the valves when you are done), unplugging the pump cord from the spa pack, loosening the 2 pump unions, removing the screws that hold the pump to the spa floor or pump mount, remove the old pump, replace it with the new one and reverse the procedure.

Getting the spa working again is as simple as ordering in the right parts or accessories. Enjoy your hot tub in the winter and all season long.

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