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Great Lakes Spa Pumps

Great Lakes spas used different spa packs and pumps over the years.

Troubleshooting the pump will depend on what the issue is:
If the pump runs but there is no water flow, there may be an obstruction in the line or a dirty filter, or air getting into the line.
·  Make sure all valves are in the open position. (these can sometimes stick half-closed)
·  Assure that the filter is clean
·  Check suction intakes to make sure they are not blocked
·  Assure the spa is adequately filled with water – a low water level will suck air into the spa plumbing lines and cause this problem
·  Make sure jets are open – rotate the rings around the jets to assure water flow into the spa

If the pump is running and water is flowing, but the spa is not heating:
·  Press the temperature set button to increase temperature so the heater will turn on
·  Be sure service valves are all the way open
·  Clean filter and check for obstructions

If the pump is loud or vibrates excessively:
·  Check for loose screws on equipment module face and bolts attaching equipment module to spa frame
·  Assure hot tub is positioned flat and not rubbing against any building part, deck or fence.
·  If air is trapped in the pump, turn pump off, slightly loosen the pump unions and bleed air out of pump housing.
·  Make sure that the hot tub has been installed on a flat and properly supported surface.

Great Lakes and Emerald Spa Packs

The latest spa models used Balboa Instrument spa packs and parts for the hot tub electronics.  Earlier models used the Brett Aqualine spa pack and parts as well as Hercules Performer Series parts and equipment.  Some units were also manufactured with the Gecko XM or XE pack.

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Great Lakes and Emerald Spa Filters

Great Lakes Spas Filter ExchangeFilter sizes also vary with a popular filter being either a 25 square foot filter or a 50 square foot filter with twice the amount of pleats in the same filter size measuring  13 5/16″ high x 5″ in diameter (PRB25 or PRB50).

There was also the 35 sq.ft. filter measuring 9 1/4″ high x 5″ in diameter (PRB35)
top hole opening 2-1/8″ and bottom hole
opening 2-1/8 ”

Great Lakes Spa Filter Guide by Model

Forte – 35 sq.ft.filter
GL-7 – 50 sq.ft.filter
GL-8 – 50 sq.ft.filter
GL 9
Great Escape
Huron Classic
Huron Elite
Huron Encore
Keweenaw – 25 sq.ft.filter
Leelanau – 50 sq.ft.filter
Leelanau Red Cedar
Legend Elite
Legend Enore
Mackinaw Permalife
Mackinaw Red Cedar
Michigan Classic
Michigan Elite
Michigan Encore
Moonlighter Elite
Ontario – 35 sq.ft.filter
Ontario Elite
Ontario Encore
Ottawa – 25 sq.ft.filter
Penta – 25 sq.ft.filter
Sea Breeze
St. Claire
Sunlighter- 35 sq.ft.filter
Sunlighter Encore
Superior Elite
Traverse Bay – 25 sq.ft.filter
Trident – 35 sq.ft.filter

To Exchange a Great Lakes Spa Filter with Filter Basket

1. Turn off electrical power to the spa.

2. Remove the filter basket by rotating it counterclockwise and lift it out.

3. Remove dirty filter cartridge.

4. Filter Basket and Floating Weir come apart for easy cleaning.

7. Insert a replacement filter cartridge into the filter housing.

8. Reinstall the floating weir and attached basket assembly.

9. Turn electrical power to your hot tub back on and enjoy clean water!