Hot Tub Safety Tips

Hot tubs are great fun and can help alleviate health issues such as back pain, neck pain, aches and even diabetes and other problems that are helped with immersion in warm water.

HealthLinkBC emphasizes water cleanliness and avoiding dangerous bacteria by regularly taking care of hot tub water to make sure it is properly sanitized.

Hot Tub Spa HealthIf in doubt, change the water in the hot tub and start over.  Properly maintained hot tub water can last 3 months or longer.  The key is to make sure there is always enough active sanitizer to kill bacteria, that the pH level is maintained between 7.2-7.6 and the spa filter is cleaned regularly.  Having out of balance water not only can cause health issues and skin irritation, but can also damage hot tub components and lead to costly service calls.  For example the pump seals may wear faster and cause the pump to leak.

Safety consciousness is especially important when kids or the elderly are using the hot tub.  Children are at higher risk of overheating than adults, so they should only be allowed in the water for a few minutes, or the water temperature should be decreased for a longer soak.   Kids should always be supervised when in or around water.  Use the locking hard cover when the spa is not in use to avoid unauthorized access.

One of the most safety conscious hot tub manufacturers is QCA Spas Inc. who has been in business for over 46 years.  The spa shells are designed with barrier-free seating to avoid injuries from internal slips.  They are one of the only hot tub manufacturers to carry the UL safety rating vs. the more common and less authoritative CSA approval. (UL is still considered the safety authority by the U.S. government).

It is also recommended to avoid drugs or alcohol while using the spa to avoid injury while getting in or out of the hot tub as well as falling asleep in the water.

Make sure the spa electricity is hooked up by a licensed electrician and that the GFCI is properly working.  Checking the GFCI on a regular basis insures it is doing its job to protect the inhabitants of the hot tub.

Stay safe and enjoy your hot tub spa!


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