Hot Tub Steps

Hot Tub Steps Redwood PlasticHot tub steps are not only an important safety feature of spas, but also make it easier to get into and out of the hot tub.  Especially taller hot tubs are hard to climb into without a set of steps.  Even the shallow ones need the steps though, since it is safer and easier to get into the spa that way.

For in-deck installations, it is recommended to raise the edge of the spa by 13″.  That way a set of steps with 2 tiers can fit evenly with the hot tub as well.  Another reason you would want to not make an in-deck installation of a hot tub exactly even with the floor is that debris tends to get into the hot tub easier that way, the cover is harder to tie down and it is a pain to stoop down all the way to the ground to check chemicals.

Hot tubs are supposed to be relaxing, so maintaining one and entering/exiting one should not be a chore.

Types of Steps

There are wooden steps and new plastic steps with safety treads.  The wooden steps are outdated since they not only may splinter but require periodic maintenance and restraining to keep up their appearance.  The new plastic steps come in a variety of colors to match the type of color on your spa skirt, and by the way that skirt is now probably made of plastic/PVC materials as well.  Although wood used to be the norm when it came to hot tub cabinets and steps, in the last decade the plastics have become much more popular for that very reason. They require no maintenance, and maintenance is what a hot tub owner wants to minimize.

Of the plastic steps available, there are 2 tier steps (around 13-15″ tall depending on the step) and there are 3 tier steps for tall spas.  Note that if you purchase a 3 tier step, most counties require a safety rail, whereas a railing on a 2 tier step is not usually used or optional.  You can purchase a separate handrail that mounts to the cabinet with or without our steps as well.

The hot tub steps are made of durable, fade-resistant plastic and also have grooved treads for slip resistance.

The HS2 Handi-Step is an example of an affordable step that is durable and versatile.  The HS2 allows you to turn around the treads to fit up against either a straight-sided spa or a round hot tub.  These come in a variety of colors.

Hot Tub Steps and AccessoriesThere are also storage steps with hinged lids where items can be stored under the upper step tier to access the step’s interior.  Some of the steps in the Leisure Accent line are 36″ wide and ship fully assembled.  They are 14″ high and have 2 treads.  The storage compartment can be removed for easy cleaning in this type of step.  They also come in an extra wide configuration of 74″ wide.

These steps can support up to 300 lbs.  If you’re over that, then you may have an issue with water overflowing out of the tub as well.

The Signature Spa Steps with 3 treads include the hand railing and it is 24″ high to the top step.  These dual handrails are ideal for the ultimate in safety for getting into and out of tall spas.  Of course this 3 tier step also has a drink holder and towel bar as part of the railing feature.

Now if you really want to get fancy, there is also a 4 tread step with 2 rails. Just message the folks over at for your custom made step.

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