Cover Lifters Make Hot Tub Lid Removal a Breeze

Hot Tub Cover LiftersInstalling a cover lifter on a hot tub can make removing the hot tub cover simple.  Many times a second person is not around when the hot tub is being used, so one person is left with the task of removing the heavy and awkward cover.

When only one person removes the cover, especially from larger hot tubs, it tends to come crashing down on the floor or grass, or rub up against the building or other obstructions.  These dings and dents can soon cause a tear in the thin inner lining and produce a waterlogged hot tub cover. Once the cover starts getting water in the center core, it gets even heavier and heavier, making it even more difficult for one person to remove and replace the cover.

Now the cover has become so heavy, that a back injury is possible when trying to hoist it back up onto the spa.

The solution to avoiding all this is a cover lifter.  Having a cover lifter means that one person with one hand can raise and lower the cover with no problem. The cover is then automatically stowed to one side of the spa.

There are different styles of cover lifters. Some of the most popular types have a crossbar going across the middle fold of the hot tub cover.  The cover lift bar on the side of the spa allows the person to first fold the cover in half and then continue pushing the bar until the cover is safely stowed to the side of the spa.  Some lifters have the cover all the way down to the side while others keep the cover up higher.

The two main ways to mount the spa cover lifter to the spa cabinet is either with an under cabinet mount or the more standard cabinet mount, where the brackets attached directly to the hot tub frame/skirt.

Hot Tub Spa Cover LiftersCover lifters save the cover from getting mishandled and becoming damaged, help one person enjoy the spa without risking injury and keep the cover nearby for easy opening and closing.

One more benefit is that the lifter keeps the cover elevated slightly so that grass and dirt does not get dragged back into the clean spa water by the cover.

Extend the replacement time on your hot tub cover by using a cover lifer and enjoy the utility!

No more thinking, should I go in the hot tub now and go through all that cover removal hassle?  Just lift with one hand and climb in!

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