You Can Buy a Hot Tub Online and Save

Can you buy a hot tub online?

Awhile ago this was unthinkable, but nowadays, wise consumers are shopping for almost everything online.  Even a hot tub can be shipped for free when purchased factory direct online.   Before you buy a hot tub online, be sure to know the basics about what you are getting. This helps to compare one spa with another.  Although we often refer to buying a Jacuzzi online, Jacuzzi is actually a brand name of hot tub similar to how Kleenex is also a brand but became synonymous with the actual item through everyday use in our language.

Whether you call it a hot tub, spa, jacuzzi or even whirlpool, buying one online can save you alot of money.

First, when you buy hot tubs online at Hot Tub Outpost, you are dealing with individuals who have been in the hot tub business since the 1980s and have close relationships directly with the manufacturer.  See the hot tub ecommerce store online.  This store is managed by the international distribution and not a small dealer.  If you want to pay more and buy from a dealer, then you may as well go from store to store in your local neighborhood and deal with all of the salespeople there.  If you want to eliminate all the “kerfuffle”, deal directly with the Hot Tub Outpost USA.

So how do you know what you need in a hot tub?

Start with how big it should be.  Do you need a spa for just one or two people?  Are you overly concerned with energy costs? (hint: the bigger the spa, the more water there is to heat).  Will the spa be used indoors or outdoors?  Usually when placed outdoors, there is often more room for a larger spa.
Buy a Hot Tub Online and SaveA large spa is good for entertaining.

You should get at least a 5 person spa if you plan on entertaining, 6 is usually better.  This may mean foregoing the lounger seat and instead get a model with seating all around.  On the other hand, if you are using the spa more for personal hydrotherapy, then you may want a lounger seat to offer a more reclined position.

Once you know the size of spa you want and how many people you want to accommodate, as well as deciding if you need a lounger or not, then you have already narrowed down the field.  Next, decide on about how many jets you want.  Keep in mind, the more jets you want, the less power will be available at each jet, or the more pumps you will need to drive the jets.

A water pump will circulate spa water through the jets and you will be able to control the intensity of the massage by rotating the ring around each medium or large jet (if they are adjustable jets).  If you have more than about 30 jets on a single line, performance will start to suffer.   Sometimes a control valve will allow water to be moved from one half of the spa to the other, or a selection can be made in between the 2 sides of the spa to allow for more jets operating on 1 pump.

Once you have over 50 jets, chances are you have a spa with at least 2 jet pumps.  That splits up the massage duty between 2 separate pumps and so those seated on one side can have a completely different massage experience than on the other side.

See how to buy a hot tub tips for more tips.

Enjoy your hot tub savings!

The Benefits of Buying Spas Online

If you find yourself in need of a vacation but can’t find the time or the money, a spa might be the solution and your special escape for the coming years. Why go half way around the whole when you can take a vacation from your daily life on your own property? There is no need to go to a crowded gym or pay overpriced fees at a spa to soak in a hot tub – they are affordable and are a great investment for your home.

Newer hot tubs offer the latest technology for optimum hydrotherapy, allowing you to pop in and out as you see fit. Relax those tense muscles after a long day’s work or throw a party and invite all your friends -spas are multifunctional and fun for the whole family. With a myriad of options as to what kind of massage you want, how many jets you prefer, the number of seats, and even an energy smart system, you can choose your own hot tub to your exact preferences.

The internet has changed the way we research and purchase goods and this amazing tool is no different when it comes to purchasing a hot tub. offers customers an easy and informative way to shop online for their dream spa. With over 50 models made in North America and a wide availability of parts, accessories, and options, you can research and put together the spa you want at any time of the day. You can also customize your spa by adding LED lighting, a built in stereo system and more.

Customer service agents are standing by to take your calls or start a chat session in an effort to give you the expert service you need without the commissioned salesman on the other end. Purchasing from a factory ensures that you are getting the product you want at factory direct prices. This means no mark ups or added fees – you can buy discount spas online, directly from the manufacturer. The best part is that companies will offer you free shipping on your spa purchase. So that is factory direct prices; noncommissioned service experts, full choice of models, colors and accessories; all the information you need to make an informed choice, and free shipping. Save your money and time – buy your spas online.

Using Hot Tub Replacement Parts To Repair Your Spa

Installing a hot tub or spa in your backyard can be an amazing source of relief from stress and an oasis for relaxation, especially after a particularly long and hard-working day. It is incredibly convenient to be able to access a hot tub right in the comfort of your own home.  Day or night you can reap the hydrotherapy benefits that hot tub spas offer.

In order to be able to enjoy water therapy for a long time, you need to care for your tub and repair any parts that need repairing or replacement. Doing so will extend the life of your tub, and will prolong the enjoyment it gives you. In addition, obtaining hot tub replacement parts for your spa will give you an economical alternative to having your tub fixed by a professional, or replacing the entire hot tub altogether.

Who Do You Call For Quality Hot Tub Replacement Parts?

If you are looking for specific parts for your tub, or simply aren’t sure what you need, contact us by email and we will help you find the hot tub replacement parts that you need to repair your hot tub.

We access a large inventory of parts and accessories for shipment to anywhere in Canada.

Some of the parts and accessories that they supply include the following:

Covers and cover lifters;
Safety rails;
Towel racks;
Spa bars;
Spa packs;
Spa fragrances;
Ambient Lighting to add a soothing and relaxing element to your spa experience;
Topside controllers;
Bromine generators;
Air blowers;
Water care products

The internet now offers everything you could possibly need to repair or maintain your spa.  No matter your make or model, parts are available online for your spa. If you can’t find what you need, contact us by email for assistance.