Is an Ozonator Worth Adding to Your Spa?

If you are looking at buying a spa, you will also be considering the options and features that come with the various models. One of the most popular additions is an ozone purification system. Why have ozonators become so popular?

ozonator mcdOzonators are electromechanical devices that produce ozone gas and dissolve the ozone into the spa water. Most high end spas come with an ozonator built-in, but about 90% of spas currently produced are ozone ready.This means that an ozone generator can be
added quite simply with an ozonator kit.

The ozone generator connects to your spa’s plumbing system by an air line and ozone is released into the spa water where it dissolves.The ozonator can be programmed through your spa’s control panel so it operates during the spa pump circuit.Ideally, your ozonator will run twice a day
for two to four hours.

The reason for adding an ozone generator to a hot tub is to reduce the amount of chemicals you
need to keep your spa water clean. Ozone is both safe and effective, plus it is pH neutral. An ozone generator breaks up oxygen molecules to create ozone. Just like you will find oxygen boosters in household cleaning products, the ozone in your spa water works to oxidize
organic contaminants.

Ozone is very powerful and kills all known organic contaminants and chloramines. This means it destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast, odors and algae.In addition to providing antimicrobial oxidization for additional sanitation, ozone helps oxidize urine, saliva, perfumes, body lotions and sunscreen. You still need to use an EPA registered sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine, in conjunction with your ozone generating system, but you will find you need to
use up to 25% fewer chemicals.

Most spa owners also notice that their skin feels softer and smoother in spas equipped
with ozonators.

An ozonator does not eliminate the need for chemicals, but it does boost the effectiveness of your sanitizers and makes spa water maintenance simpler. You can also use natural purification systems, like enzymes and Spa Frog mineral purifiers, with
an ozone generator.

One important note is that an ozonator will not last the life of your spa. You may need to buy a replacement ozone generator to switch out after approximately 2-3 years.

ozone test kitYou can buy an ozonator test kit to make sure your unit is still producing ozone. Otherwise, you will need to add more chemicals to the spa water to keep
it safe and sanitary.

All in all, the hot tub ozonator makes water maintenance a little bit easier and also provides another method of combating bacteria in addition to your chlorine or bromine sanitizer.