Shopping Online For Spa Packs

Extending the life of your spa or hot tub involves the care and maintenance of the spa itself, as well as all its parts and accessories – including the spa packs. A spa pack is very important to your hot tub, as it generally includes all the control factors for your spa. Aspects such as your heater, pump, lights, and so forth are generally controlled within your spa pack, which makes this component of your tub essential.

After a few years of use, it is possible that your spa pack will have to be replaced. Generally these spa packs do not last nearly as long as your hot tub will, which means you will probably go through at least one or two packs before your hot tub expires.

There are a few factors you need to educate yourself on regarding your spa pack before you go out shopping for a new one. For example, you’ll need to know the voltage of your existing pack as it relates to the operation of your spa. You’ll need to know how many pumps are included in the controls, and how many speeds these pumps have. In addition, you’ll want to determine if a heater, lights, an ozonator or a blower is also part of the controls within your spa pack. Knowing all this information will be helpful when picking out a new pack and make finding a replacement even easier to match your spa.

After you have determined all these factors, you may also want to investigate whether or not you need a new topside controller. If your original spa pack did not come with one, there are others that can be purchased that come with a topside controller for easy access to control your tubs’ components.

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There are several quality spa packs available on the market.   Match circuit board chip number or previous spa pack part number to find a replacement.