Who is In The Tub?

You never know whooze in da tub. This relaxing lion loves “baked beings”. This is why it is a good idea to
use a hot tub cover and also to lock it with the provided keys. Most hot tub covers have cover locks and tie down straps so even gusty winds and passing lions can’t get into the tub when you are not home.

Keep the lions out with a good hot tub cover. Thicker covers may need a cover lifter as well. Cover lifts are available at HotTubOutpost.com in the States and online in Canada.

Cover Butler is a popular type of cover lifter where a bar goes all the way across the cover and makes lifting it with one hand a breeze.

Once you have spa steps, a cover lifter and even an LED light bulb, add a dash of aromatherapy liquid and drift away into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Advantages of Smaller 2 Person Hot Tubs

Having a hot tub in your home is a wonderful accessory to own, for many reasons. Hot tubs can help you relax, unwind, and provide some health benefits too. The great thing about a 2 person spa hot tub is that they are more affordable than the larger hot tubs, are easier to maintain, and can fit just about anywhere.

What to Look For in a 2 Person Spa Hot Tub

There are a few factors to think about when buying a 2 person hot tub. First of all, make sure it is a good quality tub made of high quality material, especially the tub’s shell. Those that are made of cheaper material, like vinyl, can crack, leak, and fade more easily than higher quality material, like Lucite acrylic, which is a much more durable and long-lasting material.

Pay attention to how many gallons of water the tub holds, and the dimensions of the tub. For maximum comfort, you want to be able to have plenty of leg room, and be able to immerse yourself shoulder deep for optimal comfort.

The seats should be very comfortable and ergonomically designed, so you will want to spend more time in the spa.  An ozonator to clean the water with minimal chemicals is a wonderful feature. In addition, find a 2 person hot tub that you can simply plug in and enjoy for quick set up and operation.

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

Believe it or not, hot tubs actually provide health benefits through the use of hydrotherapy. Studies have shown that joint pain can be dramatically reduced by spending a few minutes a day hanging out in a hot tub. Various doctors and therapists have recommended their arthritis patients to spend time on a regular basis in a hot tub to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy on their aching joints. The heat from the water, the pressure from the jets, and the buoyancy of the water takes pressure off people’s joints, and alleviates pain and discomfort from arthritis and joint pain.

In addition, tension headaches have been known to be helped by using a hot tub on a regular basis. The relaxation and stress-relief that a hot tub can provide can relieve the tension that causes these headaches. Simply spending a few minutes a day can alleviate pain and discomfort, and rejuvenate a person.  If you do sports or fitness, or spend hours doing physical labour each day, a hot tub will also help with muscle pain, warm up or cool down.

There are also social benefits.  Hot tubs are a great place to spend time catching up and getting reacquainted.  What could be more romantic than a 2 person hot tub?

Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub Online

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to come home to your very own personal hot tub for instant relaxation after your day, than you should consider purchasing a spa to call your own. There are many different models out there on the market, which are all geared toward a specific need or budget. The best way to go about finding the perfect hot tub that meets your criteria is to shop and buy your hot tub online for the best price, selection, and ease of purchase. Simply browse, select, and have the hot tub shipped directly to your front door, without ever leaving your house! Just make sure to buy from a reputable manufacturer, such as QCA Spas, who has been in business for years and has a good track record, so you can rest assured that your money is well spent.

Why shop online? Well, for starters, it is extremely convenient. You don’t have to worry about driving from one store to the next, or fighting the crowd, or dealing with salespeople that pressure you into making a purchase that you are not ready to make. When you buy a hot tub online, you can do so from the comfort of your home, without having to make a purchase that you are not ready for. You can simply take your time, compare all the products out there, and decide on the spa you want when you are ready.

Aside from being incredibly convenient, shopping online for hot tubs and spas is the best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your product. Instead of finding out which retailer is selling their hot tubs for the lowest price by physically visiting each showroom, you can do that very easily by matching the prices on your computer screen. In addition, many of these online manufacturers deal directly with the public, which means there is no retailer to pay a hiked up price to. There is no middleman, which means you pay factory direct prices.  This is the case with QCA Spas that sell their spas direct to the consumer through www.hottuboutpost.com.

Another great advantage when you buy hot tub online is that you are able to access all the available models out there in the market. Often, when you visit a store, the showroom will only display the few spas that are available. Any others that may be available are not on display, and therefore you are not able to view them. Instead, an online showroom will have all the available models on display, allowing you and all other consumers the opportunity to properly comparison shop for all the different hot tubs available for you to purchase.  You can also customize your spa by color, accessories (including LED lighting or a stereo) cabinet and cover color, etc.  Choose the features you want without paying for ones you don’t want.

Visit a reputable manufacturer’s website, like Hottuboutpost.com, to find out why shopping online for your dream spa is your best bet.

3 Person Hot Tub Plugs Right In – Just Fill and Activate Jets

3 Person Hot Tub SpasHot tubs can be expensive and complicated to install.  The 3 person hot tub called Riviera by QCA Spas is what is called a plug and play hot tub.  It comes with the power cord complete with GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter.

This device is a required safety device anytime an electrical appliance is used near water.  GFCIs are found in bathroom plugs, on hair dryers and other home locations.  With safety taken care of, the Riviera 3 person spa fits almost anywhere and comes complete with a cover.

The best online source for this 3 person hot tub is the QCA Spas factory direct distributor called HotTubOutpost.com. Buying factory direct not only means savings, but dealing with the actual factory support team in case you need anything in the future.  Gone are the days of chasing some dealer down after the sale.  Buy online – save money – get the best industry support right from the manufacturer.  It doesn’t get easier or better than that.

The QCA Spas Riviera 3 Person Hot Tub plugs right into an outdoor socket. Just fill with a garden hose and press the jets button for a relaxing massage.

Take advantage of the new age of the factory direct purchase and enjoy a corner hot tub in your main home or vacation home.  The spa is made of high quality Lucite ABS-backed acrylic and comes with a heater. It also comes complete with a cover and filter.  Deep roomy seating allows for plenty of room for one, two or three bathers.

Happy Hot Tubbing!

Hot Tub Safety – What Spa Manufacturers are Doing to Make Hot Tubs Safe

Hot tubs have been in development for decades. The trend started simply enough with the idea that a water pump can route water to jets that can provide a hydromassage within a contained vessel.

The first hot tubs were made of barrel-like material and came in round wooden shapes. Typically these may have leaked through the wood and bacteria could accumulate since the material was porous.

As hot tubs developed and were refined, the acrylic hot tub came into being. Higher end acrylic such as that made by Lucite or Aristech Acrylics is non-porous and easy to clean. The material can also be formed to any shape desired by the vacuum forming process.

Some safety features included in hot tubs over the years include slip resistant footwell, the requirement that there be at least two different paths for water to take through a suction intake as it is routed to the pump for purposes of avoiding hair entrapment issues, and many more.

Jacuzzi covers come with mandatory safety straps in order to keep the little ones out of the spa and the dangers that a container of water can possess around small children. Covers also have cover locks which can sometimes substitute the need to have a fence around the spa to meet local code requirements.

The spa electronics have also become advanced as more safety features are incorporated in the electronics. Some safety features as implemented by Balboa Instruments, manufacturer of premium hot tub components and electronics, include automatic heater shutoff in the event of inadequte water pressure and automatic freeze protection for the winter.

Hot tubs are being made safer all the time, but other factors for safe hot tub use is to limit alcohol use, have a handrail or safety steps to get into and out of the hot tub, and keep the water chemistry balanced.

Have fun using your hot tub safely!