Hot Tub Safety Features

parts and supplies safetySafety is an important consideration when operating a hot tub, but did you know some hot tubs include more safety features than others?

Sure, there are some safety features that are required by law. The Virginia Graham Baker law affects the suctions that are to make to spec to avoid any hair entrapment. This means having at least 2 suctions for each pump so that if one plugs up, there is not a potentially dangerous hair entrapment issue.

Other safety features such as walk-in safety steps are optional and up to the individual manufacturer.

At Hot Tub Outpost, we offer QCA Spas at discount prices online with free shipping and no tax (except in the great state of Texas). These spas have numerous additional safety features including automatic freeze protection and automatic overheat protection, barrier-free seating, walk-in steps on many models and lockable safety covers.

Check out the larger 3-step steps with hand rails for additional security when getting into and out of the spa.

All of these spas are ETL and CE approved/rated and also exceed the California Energy Commission standards for hot tub energy usage.

Using proper, brand name components such as Balboa, Waterway, Aquaflo and Lasco assures a safer hot tub construction. Safer components = Safer spa.

When it comes to water chemistry, having a built-in chemical feeder also helps provide proper sanitization.  A built-in ozonator can further improve water quality.

parts and supplies safety featuresPeace of mind when operating the spa and when bathing in it is what you get when you purchase a spa from a manufacturer that values safety such as QCA Spas.

There are other spa manufacturers that also value safety and go above and beyond, so if you need any hot tub parts or accessories or to repair or replace any hot tub safety feature, you can get your parts and supplies online at

Enjoy your hot tub!