Wave Lounger – QCA Spas Wave Max and Ultra Lounge

wave lounger outfitted hot tub spaThe luxurious GT500 features an Ultra Wave Lounger with separate wave massage control.  The wave sequencer allows for different rows of jets to sequentially massage the entire body.

For pure luxury, try the wave lounger found on the GT500 or Paradise Ultra models by QCA Spas.

The difference between the Wave Max seat found in spas like St. Maarten XL or Paradise XL and the Ultra Wave Lounger is that the moving massage is applied to the entire body in the lounger vs. the upper body only at a Wave Max Seat.  Some spas have both of these features such as the Paradise Ultra.

The patented wave lounger comes with its own 4 button controller that allows for the pausing, changing or program or direction of the moving massage.  Different rows or different speeds are possible, or even freeze the massage on your lower back for a more spot intensive massage. Go row by row, up and down and enjoy.

There are 6 different sequences at 3 different speeds as well as a pause button.  The controller has an LED light to show what system or sequence you are on.  Set your speed and enjoy the affordable GT500 with lots of power and 2 jet pumps.

wave lounger outfitted hot tubThese types of spas come with a lot of jets and a lot of contact points to the body for maximum massage.  Contrast that to a standard hotel Jacuzzi that may have only a few jets and you will have a true resort spa in your own backyard oasis featuring the GT500 hot tub spa.

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