What To Look For When Buying the Best Spas For Sale

Hot tubs are wonderful accessories to own in your home for both relaxation and hydrotherapy. When you are considering buying a hot tub, there are a few things you need to think about besides the price, though price is a vital factor. Below is a simple guideline of what to look for when purchasing the best spas for sale.

The Price

First of all, determine what your budget is. It’s much easier to set your budget first, and look around only at those spas that fall within your specified price range.


You want to own a hot tub that is going to have a long life-span, and is not going to crack or tear within a couple of years. The best spas for sale are made with a Lucite acrylic interior shell that is durable, long-lasting, and is resistant to cracking and denting. Not only that, but it nice to the touch and comfortable to sit in.

Features and Components

Look for the spas that have all the features and components that you would use on a regular basis. Consider the following:

– The number and type of jets;
– The plumbing system – manifold is best for even pressure & distribution
– An ozonator for keeping the water sanitary;
– An insulated shell and cabinet to reduce energy costs;
– An easily controlled LED electronic panel;
– Comfortable seats and a lounger if you want one;
– A hard, durable spa cover
– Number and quality of pumps

Size and Dimensions

You’ll also want to get the size that is appropriate for your use. If you are planning to keep it indoors, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller spa that will fit properly. Smaller spas are great because you can still get the relaxing benefits of a larger tub, but with a smaller price tag, and a much easier set up. All you have to do is fill it up using a regular garden hose and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the tub. You want one that is long enough to give you ample leg room to stretch out and be comfortable. You also want to pay attention to the depth of the tub, as this will tell you how far in you’ll be able to submerge yourself in the warm water. Only being able to get in waist-deep is not going to provide you with maximum relaxation as opposed to one that is deep enough to allow you to be immersed shoulder-deep.

Look for a manufacturer with a long track record – it shows they know how to build spas and your warranty will be worth something. Also look for American made spas and components. You can often get factory direct pricing and free shipping at some online stores. One we recommend is www.hottuboutpost.com. You can even customize your spa with a sound system or funky LED lights.

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