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Discount hot tub filters online for spas Find Discount Hot Tub Filters by the lowest priced  sources online.

Shopping on the internet lets the hot tub owner find the best prices on spa supplies, covers, parts, filters and accessories.  Also, there is no sales tax when shopping on many of the hot tub supplies websites such as Hot Tub Outpost USA.

Discount Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub cover undersideThe cheapest replacement spa cover of all is a diy Styrofoam cover, but it is best to just buy a good cover at an online discount price.

Spa covers usually last about 7 years or so before becoming either waterlogged, bleached out by the sun, dented or torn and possibly with a handle breaking off depending on how hard the spa cover was used.

Typically, for a single person to remove a cover from a large spa, it is going to get jostled around, dropped or otherwise roughly handled in order to, rightfully so, save the back of the person trying to move the cover.

Replacing the cover by a single person is also no picnic. That may involve propping the half folded cover up against the spa and then hoisting up high, missing the other edge the first time around as the cover slides into the water of the spa.  In any case, it is far easier to replace a large hot tub cover with a second person or with a cover lifter.

This is what I mean by how one person usually handles a hot tub cover – watch the thud/plunk at the end and multiply that several times a week. And this is a smaller sized cover that is actually more manageable:

Now there are some cheap outfits online selling $279 hot tub covers.  What they don’t tell you is that the cover is a flat cover, or poorly tapered. That is no good at all since you need a nicely tapered cover to allow melting snow and ice as well as rainwater to runoff.  If you use a flat cover outdoors, it will become pitted with the first snowfall, ice or even rainstorm.  Once a crater forms in the cover, it just becomes bigger over time creating a nice little bird bath and bird feeder.  Eventually though, the dent becomes a reason why the cover will become waterlogged as the inside few-mil plastic tears and water and moisture seep into the inner core.  From then on, it is all downhill until cover replacement becomes the only option.

Remove Hot Tub CoverBy the way, that cover company with the $279 cover will upsell you to the “improved” tapered cover and hit you with a whole host of upsells until your cover ends up costing well over $400 anyways.  So jumping at the first and lowest price when shopping online for a replacement hot tub cover is not comparing apples with apples and not giving you the best value for your money.

First, you may be able to repair your existing cover. If it is just recently waterlogged and otherwise in good shape, you could open the zippers and remove the two inside panels to let them dry out in the sun, sealing up any tears you find in the plastic.  Once you are ready for a new cover, find it with free shipping and no tax online.

Need a discount hot tub cover that is already made well, properly tapered, with reinforced stitching and no further upsells?  Check out the Custom Cover option at Hot Tub Outpost where you can choose from many colors and sizes – all for the same low price.

Discount Hot Tub Parts

Low priced hot tubs may only have a year of warranty, so it is good to know where you can get discount online hot tub parts and supplies.  Or you may just want to add to your spa accessories such as handrail, set of steps, floating spa cover, umbrella or LED light bulb.

As far as parts go, spa jet inserts, pillows and chemical feeders are some of the items that may be needed.

Buy Hot Tub Online Factory Direct

Don’t have a hot tub yet?  Did you know you can save the tax and get free shipping from many online hot tub vendors?  Choose a reputable manufacturer and buy your spa online with factory direct shipping.

Shop for discount hot tubs online and save a bundle.  If the manufacturer of the spa you are interested has been in business for decades, then it is already a great start because the factory will most likely be there to support you and your spa in the case something goes wrong.  The online dealer does not provide the warranty for your spa, but it comes from the actual manufacturer, so you buy the spa online, get a great deal, and then still get the factory direct support.

When you think about it, that is how it works even when you go into a Target and buy a coffee maker.  If something goes wrong, there is always that note inside that says: don’t return to the store, call 800-fix-meup or something like that.  The warranty support is handled through the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representatives.

So if you deal with an authorized dealer and buy a spa that hails from a reputable hot tub manufacturer, there is much less that can go wrong when you order a spa online.

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