Discount Hot Tub Spas

Hot Tubs Online - Discount Hot Tub SpasIn the day and age of internet shopping, buying a hot tub no longer requires hours of searching different retail stores and being confused by slanted sales pitches.  The internet has opened up the gates to affordability and competition among spa manufacturers. 

No longer is the glitz (and associated overhead costs) of the showroom priced into the hot tub. Many times, manufacturers offer discount hot tub spas through their online showrooms. 

Reviews and review sites on the internet are often posted by the actual hot tub manufacturer or one of their selling agents.  It is uncanny how some review sites list a handful of reviews that all occured during the same month and then nobody reviews it for the next year.  That is a telltale sign of a self-review.  

Beware of glowing reviews of hot tubs online without a fair balance of pros and cons.  Most hot tub manufacturers source their components from the same third party suppliers: pumps, spa packs, circuit boards, topside controls, plumbing parts and even the acrylic surfaces are made for the entire industry by a handful of suppliers.

So that leaves the question of such large price disparities on the market.  Is one brand really better than another, and if so why? 

Here at discount hot tub spas, we will scour the net for discount hot tubs that are made by reputable North American manufacturers who have been in business at least five years.  We will not review, recommend or sell hot tubs by fly-by-night organizations or made by unverified manufacturers. 

Although we will give our opinion and recommendations here on the site, it is up to each buyer to perform due diligence before making any online purchase.

We hope you get a great deal on the hot tub of your dreams and above all else begin using it for relaxation, muscle rejuvination, health reasons or just for fun.  Soak away your troubles and aches with your brand new Hot Tub Spa.