Spring Hot Tub Discounts

Spring is arriving again and the hot tub discounts are available online.  Spring is the most popular time of year to buy a hot tub.  Buying a hot tub online involves a little research as it is difficult to get any kind of unbiased opinion when speaking to spa salespeople in a retail store much less by a high pressure in-home salesperson (similar to the pressure cooker encyclopedia salesmen of the 70’s).

Most people don’t require an in-home salesperson with all of the hand-holding that justifies a high retail price.  For those that can do some research and figure out the logistics of a hot tub installation, the process is not that complicated.

Where can you get the lowest possible price and best discount on a new hot tub?  Directly from the hot tub manufacturer as there is no retail layer or distributor that needs to get paid for arranging the hot tub delivery.  Buying factory direct through a directly connected distributor also allows direct contact with factory employed technicians that specialize in the brand of spa you select.   While some spa stores do employ their own service staff, a service technician that works at the actual hot tub factory day in and day out is more qualified to handle any service requests related to that brand of spa.

Some manufacturers have protected territories and a dealer network, but this business model usually results in higher prices for the consumer.  Savvy hot tub buyers are seeking out hot tub manufacturers distributors that offer their own factory-direct e-commerce store.

Discount hot tub spas online

Spring Sale on Hot Tubs Online

Once such store is the HotTubOutpost.com online hot tub store operated by the hot tub factory that is one of the oldest in the world and in business through all of the global financial storms since 1966.

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Enjoy your new Hot Tub Spa.