Why You Should Buy Bulk Spa Supplies

There are a variety of hot tub supplies that you will use either constantly or occasionally, so it is important to have some in hand. There is a lot that goes into the maintenance of a hot tub, and therefore the enjoyment of a hot tub. Having a spa that is in prime operating condition will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy your hot tub experience every time. When you buy bulk spa supplies, you can save money. HotTubOutpost.com has a variety of bulk spa packages that allow you to save money when purchasing supplies and accessories for your hot tub. Regular supplies you may need are bromine, chlorine, spa up, spa down, anti-foam and anti-algae. It is also really nice to have a selection of spa scents to choose from each time you soak in your hot tub.

Buying Spa Filters in Bulk

One of the components of a hot tub that will probably need to be replaced rather often are spa filters. For this reason, it’s probably a good idea to have a few of these on hand ready to replace, rather than waiting for each individual filter to be delivered. Having an extra one stored away makes it easy to just grab right away and replace the old filter when it has reached it’s life’s end. Having two filters also works when one is due for a cleaning. You can swap it out for the other filter, then clean and let dry, then repeat the process the next time you need to clean it.

HotTubOutpost.com has a variety of bulk packages of filters for your spa, which are generally sold at a discount price due to the fact they are being sold in multi-packs. Depending on the size and type of your spa, HotTubOutpost.com will have the perfect bulk filter package for you.

Why Buy From HotTubOutpost.com?

Buying supplies online from reputable dealers like HotTubOutpost.com affords you many advantages. First of all, you can browse their online showroom without actually having to physically visit one. The supplies displayed online are much more extensive than those shown in an actual store. In addition, places like HotTubOutpost.com do not have to worry about selling to retailers, so they are able to sell to the public at factory direct prices. This saves you money, time and effort required to physically shop around. Not only that, but when you buy bulk spa supplies from HotTubOutpost.com, you’ll be able to take advantage of their free shipping policy on large orders, which means you save even more money and have your products sent directly to you without even having to leave your home!

Buy Spa Filters Online For Ultimate Convenience

Spending a few minutes in your very own hot tub can do wonders for your body and your stress levels. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy sessions provided by spas can truly have a significant positive impact on your physical and mental health. In order to maximize the enjoyment you get from your spa, it is essential to keep all of its components in good working order. There will be times where certain components may have to be repaired or replaced based on the age and usage of your spa. One of the more important components is your hot tub’s filter, which should be replaced every year or so. When it’s time for replacement, buy spa filters online for the ultimate in convenience.

The filter system of your spa is one of the most important features of your tub, as it is greatly responsible for keeping the water clean and clear of all dirt, grime, debris and bacteria that may enter the spa water. Without a properly functioning filter, your spa runs the risk of being contaminated with harmful substances that render the spa water unsafe for occupancy.

When it’s time to buy spa filters online, consider your options. There are essentially 3 types of filters you can purchase:

1) Diatomaceous earth filter – These are also known as “green” filters since they are environmentally friendly, are non-polluting and are able to capture even the tiniest microorganisms found in the earth. These filters have a very fine mesh which allows it to capture these super tiny particles.

2) Sand filter – This is a rather common filter which extracts impurities from the spa water by using sand to collect this dirt and debris. These filters use a backwashing mechanism to eliminate the dirt from the water.

3) Cartridge filter – This is probably the most common filter which runs at low pressure, and allows for more water flow and turnover of water.

Most spas come with cartridge filters and there are many shapes and sizes. Buying cartridges from the spa manufacturer can be very pricey. The same basic filters are available from filter manufacturers and you can usually find the right one to fit any well-known brand of spa. Whichever filter you choose, consider shopping online with a credible online source like HotTubOutpost.com, who have been in business for years and have a fabulous track record at supplying customers with top quality products at factory direct prices. Visit their online showroom today and select the appropriate filter for your spa.

Buy Swimming Pool Supplies

If you have the funds and resources, you can include a swimming pool in your residential home plans. Incorporating a pool in your backyard landscaping can provide you and your family with plenty of fun in the warm months of the year. Pools provide families with enjoyment, as well as a great way to entertain friends and celebrate children’s birthdays. Of course, there is a certain responsibility that comes with being a pool owner. You have to maintain the components of the pool, as well as keep the pool and the water clean. There are plenty of pool supplies out there to help you maintain these factors. In addition, there are many accessories that you can purchase that go beyond the safety of the water and provide great fun and convenience to the pool’s occupants.

Pool Supplies to Consider

Some of the more important things to consider when you decide to buy swimming pool supplies are the safety and cleanliness of the pool. For example, pool covers are essential to protect children and pets from accidentally falling into the water when they become curious or are playing in the area. In addition, the pool cover also protects your pool from harsh weather conditions and from the sun’s rays.

Pool chemicals are also necessary to keep the water healthy and safe to swim in. Skimmers and vacuums are also essential to keeping the pool walls, bottom and water clean. The filters and pumps will help to keep dirt and debris out of the pool water, which is essential to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the pool water.

In addition to these safety oriented supplies, you can buy swimming pool supplies that add to the enjoyment and fun of swimming. In addition to the supplies mentioned above, consider some of the following:

• Fountains and waterfalls
• Water purifiers
• Fun floaters
• Pool toys
• Loungers and mattresses
• Goggles, masks and snorkels
• Pool alarms and lights
• Pool games
• Hoses
• Inflatables
• Hardware parts
• Spa signs
• Test kits
• Thermometers and clocks
• Rope kits, life lines and buoys

You can really turn your pool into an all encompassing play area that will give you loads of fun throughout the summer months. Check out the whole line of pool supplies, chemicals, accessories and more at HotTubOutpost.com, and save on free shipping.

Shopping Online For Spa Packs

Extending the life of your spa or hot tub involves the care and maintenance of the spa itself, as well as all its parts and accessories – including the spa packs. A spa pack is very important to your hot tub, as it generally includes all the control factors for your spa. Aspects such as your heater, pump, lights, and so forth are generally controlled within your spa pack, which makes this component of your tub essential.

After a few years of use, it is possible that your spa pack will have to be replaced. Generally these spa packs do not last nearly as long as your hot tub will, which means you will probably go through at least one or two packs before your hot tub expires.

There are a few factors you need to educate yourself on regarding your spa pack before you go out shopping for a new one. For example, you’ll need to know the voltage of your existing pack as it relates to the operation of your spa. You’ll need to know how many pumps are included in the controls, and how many speeds these pumps have. In addition, you’ll want to determine if a heater, lights, an ozonator or a blower is also part of the controls within your spa pack. Knowing all this information will be helpful when picking out a new pack and make finding a replacement even easier to match your spa.

After you have determined all these factors, you may also want to investigate whether or not you need a new topside controller. If your original spa pack did not come with one, there are others that can be purchased that come with a topside controller for easy access to control your tubs’ components.

Shop online

There are several quality spa packs available on the market.   Match circuit board chip number or previous spa pack part number to find a replacement.

What To Look For When Buying the Best Spas For Sale

Hot tubs are wonderful accessories to own in your home for both relaxation and hydrotherapy. When you are considering buying a hot tub, there are a few things you need to think about besides the price, though price is a vital factor. Below is a simple guideline of what to look for when purchasing the best spas for sale.

The Price

First of all, determine what your budget is. It’s much easier to set your budget first, and look around only at those spas that fall within your specified price range.


You want to own a hot tub that is going to have a long life-span, and is not going to crack or tear within a couple of years. The best spas for sale are made with a Lucite acrylic interior shell that is durable, long-lasting, and is resistant to cracking and denting. Not only that, but it nice to the touch and comfortable to sit in.

Features and Components

Look for the spas that have all the features and components that you would use on a regular basis. Consider the following:

– The number and type of jets;
– The plumbing system – manifold is best for even pressure & distribution
– An ozonator for keeping the water sanitary;
– An insulated shell and cabinet to reduce energy costs;
– An easily controlled LED electronic panel;
– Comfortable seats and a lounger if you want one;
– A hard, durable spa cover
– Number and quality of pumps

Size and Dimensions

You’ll also want to get the size that is appropriate for your use. If you are planning to keep it indoors, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller spa that will fit properly. Smaller spas are great because you can still get the relaxing benefits of a larger tub, but with a smaller price tag, and a much easier set up. All you have to do is fill it up using a regular garden hose and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the tub. You want one that is long enough to give you ample leg room to stretch out and be comfortable. You also want to pay attention to the depth of the tub, as this will tell you how far in you’ll be able to submerge yourself in the warm water. Only being able to get in waist-deep is not going to provide you with maximum relaxation as opposed to one that is deep enough to allow you to be immersed shoulder-deep.

Look for a manufacturer with a long track record – it shows they know how to build spas and your warranty will be worth something. Also look for American made spas and components. You can often get factory direct pricing and free shipping at some online stores. One we recommend is www.hottuboutpost.com. You can even customize your spa with a sound system or funky LED lights.

Buy Pool Spa Chemicals From a Reputable Supplier

A swimming pool or a hot tub is great to have in your backyard for easy and convenient fun for you and the whole family. In order to maintain your pool and spa properly, one of the most important things you need to do is apply the proper amount of pool chemicals to ensure the water is clean, clear, and safe for you and your family to swim in. Testing the pool or spa water’s chemical levels is the only way to ensure that you have the proper amount of chemicals in the water to keep it free of germs and bacteria that can lurk in the water if it is not treated properly. It is important to keep a water test kit or test strips to check the water levels.

When you need to buy pool spa chemicals, consider your options. The most common chemical to treat water is chlorine, and has been for years. Another very common chemical for the spa or pool water is bromine. Either one of these types of chemicals is great for treating and cleaning the water to make it safe for occupancy.

These chemicals are made up of varying chemical compositions, which essentially stops the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. In addition, they are able to break down all sorts of matter within the water and prevent any contamination. These chemicals are safe for people’s skin, hair and eyes, which makes them ideal solutions to keep water clean while still allowing people to enjoy the pool or spa.

Testing the pool water is essential to make sure the pH, alkaline and calcium levels are within balance. Failure to keep these factors within proper ranges can result in green algae growth, or a cloudy appearance of the water. An off balance of certain levels can irritate the skin, and allow harmful bacteria to invade the water. In addition to permitting the water to become unpleasant, improper balances of these levels can potentially cause damage to the liner, filter and pump.

When you are ready to buy pool spa chemicals, shop online at a reputable dealer and supplier like HotTubOutpost.com for the lowest prices, wide selection of products, and outstanding customer service. You can save money and enjoy the convenience of having your pool or hot tub chemicals delivered right to your door. Check out their accessories as well, to make your pool or spa even more enjoyable.

Benefits of Buying a Large Hot Tub

You’ve just come home from a long and stressful day at work, and the only thing on your mind is kicking off your shoes and soaking your tired body and mind in the warm bubbling waters of your very own hot tub. On the weekends, you truly enjoy the idea of having a few friends over and lounge in your hot tub fully equipped with LED lighting, sound speakers and caddy trays to hold your food and beverages. Regardless of how you want to use your tub, one of the essential factors to think about before buying one is the size and seating capacity of the tub. People with a large family who all enjoy the relaxation of a spa, or those who like to entertain a variety of friends may opt for a larger 8 seater spa to accommodate all the occupants that want to be in the tub at the same time. If the space and budget permits, larger tubs can be a real luxury.

Why Buy a Large Hot Tub?

Larger spas with advanced technological accessories can really give you a luxury focal point for your home’s backyard. One of the best larger spas on the market is the QCA Spas GT 289 Performance Series 8 person hot tub spa. Any luxury item you can think of has been included with this model. Enjoy a therapeutic hydrotherapy massage with the strategically placed jets that will hit all the sore spots on your body. Choose the lounger seat so you can lay back and relax while your feet are being massaged by the foot dome jets. Turn on your LED lighting system and built-in stereo speakers for an awesome party vibe that your friends will truly enjoy and be impressed with. You can easily control the water temperature, lighting and jets with top-side controllers. If you are considering buying a large hot tub, this QCA Spa is the one to get.

This spa is also energy efficient, which is very important nowadays. The Energy Saver System will save on heating thanks to the heat recycling system that has been engineered with this model. Warm air is recycled through the water lines in order to conserve heat and energy. This is a great aspect for saving on costs for heating the tub water.

HotTubOutpost.com is a reputable supplier of QCA Spas, who have been around since 1966. Take advantage of their factory direct pricing to get the lowest price on a luxury model. You can buy large hot tub and customize it with LED lighting, a sound system and more. Best of all – they will ship it for free!