How to Get Discount Deals on Hot Tub Spas

Buying a discounted spa is not the same as buying a cheap spa.  Getting a discount on a quality spa is just good practice and allows your money to go further.  But how do you get a discount once you find the type of spa you like?

hot tub OEM parts and filtersFirst, it helps to understand a little about what goes into making a spa, what the options are and what the price is based on.  It is clear that more jets and more pumps mean more labor and materials to build the spa so the cost can be higher.  Compare similar spa types across brands with the same number of jets and pumps.  Look for quality name components such as Balboa spa controller, Waterway jets and Lucite or Aristech acrylic.

If you look at a spa based on its components, then you can cut the hype between brands and compare “apples to apples”.  Buy as close to the manufacturer or distributor as possible to avoid excessive dealer markup, unless you require the full service of a dealer in a showroom in which case you pay for the privilege.

Nowadays, consumers are spending more time on the internet shopping around before making a buying decision. In the end, most any brand name spa of a company that has been in business for over 10-20 years must be doing something right, and you can get a lemon from any hot tub manufacturer since at the end of the day, they rely on the individual components for performance.

Sure there is something to be said for consistent workmanship,  but there is also something to be said for not needlessly forking over several thousand dollars more than you need to of your hard earned money.  Don’t fall prey to all the little rabbit-holes a salesperson will lead you down.  “Only our spa is capable of such and such..”  I know plenty of people that are happy with their various makes and models of hot tubs.  In the end there are jets mounted on a shell that are powered by a pump. A spa controller with a topside control panel allows operation and programming of the spa and the heater keeps things nice and toasty.

Optional air blower adds water bubbles and the LED lighting creates colored mood lighting at night.  Some even add a stereo.  For these add-ons expect to pay more.

A good spa should cost you anywhere from about $3,000 – $7,000.  (There are also cheap inflatable spas from $500-$1,000)  Anything more than that should be questioned although there are a few very high end spas that will approach $10,000.

Once you find one, enjoy your hot tub!  Email us if you need further assistance finding a spa that is right for you.