About Us

Discount Hot Tub Spas is dedicated to offering discounted hot tub spas.  Sale spas, factory overruns, excess stock, factory direct discounts, scratch and dent spas and custom made spas directly from the manufacturer to you.

We recommend hot tubs that are on sale by quality North American hot tub manufacturers.

If you are searching for a factory direct, discount hot tub, we will send you by return email some of the best online hot tub suggestions.
It is helpful if you include for how many persons the spa should be, whether it should have a lounger seat or just regular seats all around and what price point you were looking for.  Send email to: info@discounthottubspas.com.  We will only answer your query once and not place you on any type of mailing list as we hate spam too. You have nothing to lose, and we look forward to sharing our insights with you.

Happy Tubbing!

Steven James