Buy Hot Tub Online and Don’t Get Scammed

Think buying from a local dealer is safer than buying online from a reputable source? Think again!  One Coast Spas dealer in Northern California, Jim Gerard, scammed 20 hot tub buyers out of over $134,000 before being sent to jail for 9 months. That is little comfort to the jilted hot tub buyers who will be waiting a long time, if ever to see their money again.  The double-whammy is that they don’t have a hot tub to relax in and improve their lifestyle either.

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unscrupulous hot tub dealer“Jim Gerard has served nine months in jail and was ordered to repay more than $134,000 to 20 of his customers.  That was two years ago, but customers who waited for their spas are now waiting for their money, and on Friday a judge told Gerard to pay up.  ”

These hot tub buyers just wanted to relieve sore muscles, some needed the hot tub for their arthritis and others wanted a hot water respite on a cool evening. What they got were headaches, the loss of thousands of hard earned dollars and no hot tub thanks to buying the spa at a local Coast Spas dealer.

Buying a hot tub from a local dealer does not guarantee you will get your hot tub any more than buying it online. Buy a hot tub online directly from a factory operated ecommerce store and shop securely, usually getting free delivery.  Don’t become a victim when you are reaching out to buy a lifestyle improvement such as a hot tub.

Another benefit from buying online through a factory owned ecommerce store is that you get the best after sales support by technicians that actually work at the factory instead of sales persons that may not be familiar with all of the troubleshooting techniques or available accessories.

Buy safely online and avoid unscrupulous shopkeepers such as Jim Gerard with his Coast Spas dealership that has since gone out of business.


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