Water Problems in a Hot Tub

hot tub spa chemicalsGeneral water problems in a hot tub can be avoided by being sure there is enough sanitizer in the water (bromine or chlorine – never mix the two) and that the pH level is between 7.2-7.6. A water test kit or test strips can be used to monitor hot tub water health.

If water problems such as foaming, bad smell and cloudiness occur, it is important to understand some basics so the treatment does not increase the problem.

First of all, hot water scents and aromatherapy fragrances should not be used to mask hot tub odors that may be caused by poor water chemistry as the problem is still there and can be addressed head on by using a shock treatment in the water with a non-chlorine shock.

Similarly, foam problems are not solved by a de-foaming. These products can reduce the foam in the spa so it can be used, but the underlying problem of why the spa is foaming needs to be addressed.  Are bathing suits or hair full of shampoo, soaps or oils?  If so, it is best to shower off before getting into the spa.

Foaming is a result of poor pH (outside the ideal range of 7.2-7.6) but also too many TDS or total dissolved solids in the water.

There are products that bind/coagulate particulates in the water so that they can end up in the filter.  See Hot Tub Outpost for details on the right hot tub chemicals for your spa.

To maintain a hot tub, you will need to regularly test the water.

Having a dirty filter puts a lot of stress on the pump. The pump has to work a lot harder to pull water through the filter.  Cleaning a filter and switching it out is a better way to keep the chemicals working right and also more economical.

The pH is important in the spa and should be held between 7.2-7.6.

Check the water 3x a week using the Monday-Wednesday-Friday hot tubwater care program at Hot Tub Outpost.

hot tub chemicalsFor sanitizer, either chlorine or bromine is used.

A pre-filter can also help eliminate contaminants and take out rust and iron while refilling the spa before it gets in the hot tub water in the first place.

Replacement spa filters are available at www.HotTubOutpost.com.

Cover Lifters Make Hot Tub Lid Removal a Breeze

Hot Tub Cover LiftersInstalling a cover lifter on a hot tub can make removing the hot tub cover simple.  Many times a second person is not around when the hot tub is being used, so one person is left with the task of removing the heavy and awkward cover.

When only one person removes the cover, especially from larger hot tubs, it tends to come crashing down on the floor or grass, or rub up against the building or other obstructions.  These dings and dents can soon cause a tear in the thin inner lining and produce a waterlogged hot tub cover. Once the cover starts getting water in the center core, it gets even heavier and heavier, making it even more difficult for one person to remove and replace the cover.

Now the cover has become so heavy, that a back injury is possible when trying to hoist it back up onto the spa.

The solution to avoiding all this is a cover lifter.  Having a cover lifter means that one person with one hand can raise and lower the cover with no problem. The cover is then automatically stowed to one side of the spa.

There are different styles of cover lifters. Some of the most popular types have a crossbar going across the middle fold of the hot tub cover.  The cover lift bar on the side of the spa allows the person to first fold the cover in half and then continue pushing the bar until the cover is safely stowed to the side of the spa.  Some lifters have the cover all the way down to the side while others keep the cover up higher.

The two main ways to mount the spa cover lifter to the spa cabinet is either with an under cabinet mount or the more standard cabinet mount, where the brackets attached directly to the hot tub frame/skirt.

Hot Tub Spa Cover LiftersCover lifters save the cover from getting mishandled and becoming damaged, help one person enjoy the spa without risking injury and keep the cover nearby for easy opening and closing.

One more benefit is that the lifter keeps the cover elevated slightly so that grass and dirt does not get dragged back into the clean spa water by the cover.

Extend the replacement time on your hot tub cover by using a cover lifer and enjoy the utility!

No more thinking, should I go in the hot tub now and go through all that cover removal hassle?  Just lift with one hand and climb in!

Get the Cover Butler and other popular hot tub cover lifters from www.HotTubOutpost.com

Find Beachcomber Hot Tub Filters Online

Find the Right Beachcomber Spa Filter for Your Tub

Beachcomber hot tubs are made in British Columbia, Canada and sold worldwide.

Caring for your spa filter is important to keep the health and clarity of your water up to par at all times. But at some point, your filter in that Beachcomber spa will have reached the end of its lifespan, regardless of how well you care for it. Paying attention to the integrity of your spa filter is important in order to know when it’s the appropriate time to change the filter before it breaks down to a point where it has already compromised the cleanliness of the water.

Hot tub filters in CanadaMaking sure that you replace the filter at the right time is essential for adequate spa water maintenance. Most spa owner’s manuals suggest changing them every year.

These filters are basically the spa’s first line of defines against impurities in the water that can cause it to become filthy, bacteria-laden and filled with algae. Of course, cleaning these filters is important.

But it’s also important to have spare filters on hand when the time comes to replace it.  Filters should be cleaned every 7-10 days, and deep cleaned every 3 weeks or so, usually by soaking overnight in a filter cleaning solution.  Filters should be replaced every year or so (unless you are alternating 2 – to allow one to be cleaned and dry while the replacement filter is in the spa).

If you own a Beachcomber spa, then matching the filter specifically to your tub’s requirements is essential. Beachcomber hot tubs are quite popular.  However, buying the replacement filter at your spa dealer can cost you a lot of money.

If you are in need of Beachcomber spa filters and live in Canada, Spa Filters Canada is your go-to place for everything you need.  They carry a variety of Beachcomber replacement spa filters and cartridges and also offer very best in spa filter cleaners, hot tub accessories and more! Spa Filters Canada also makes it super easy to search for the specific item you require. Simply search by model number and size to help locate the exact Beachcomber spa filters you need. If you still have trouble, you can contact them directly and have one of their experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives help you find the filter you need for your tub. Visit www.SpaFilters.ca today and find the best deals on top quality Beachcomber spa filters!

If you are in the U.S., contact us by email at info@discounthottubspas.com for discount hot tub filters in 4-packs.  If you don’t see the model you need, just send them an email and they will get it for you as we are also wholesalers.

Different brands of hot tub filters include Blue Whale, Pleatco, Filbur, Unicel, and other filter manufacturers and distributors that use quality Reemay filter media.

Discount OEM Filters and Pumps Save Hot Tub Owners a Bundle

Hot tub water filter and pumpA newer trend in Canadian hot tub supplies, accessories and parts is the OEM filter or pump.  Basically a no frills label that comes with gigantic savings.  Sometimes the components or parts of these replacement hot tub parts are the same as those made by the brands.  One cartridge filter can be half the price of the comparable brand name filter, but could still be made with the same quality Reemay filter paper, so the filtration is the same at half the cost.

When it comes to replacement hot tub pumps, there are two components: the spa motor and the wet end.  The motors are made by G.E., A.O. Smith and other hot tub motor manufacturers, and the wet ends are made by Waterway and other quality plastics manufacturers.  A brand name replacement hot tub pump bought through a retailer can quickly add hundreds of dollars to a similar pump.

Similarly quality pumps are made to the same specs as Waterway, Ultra-Jet, Vico and other pump brands at a fraction of the cost.  If you are replacing a spa pump that is a brand name pump such as the Executive series, you will be convinced that even the brand name pumps can fail. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a replacement spa pump. Why not go easier on your pocketbook this time and get the OEM replacement pump by Master Series instead.  Treat yourself and loved one to a nice dinner out on the savings you will get by buying the OEM brand.  Typically the lower cost pumps may use the brand name wet end but use a generic motor or even a Century or US Motor.

Replacing hot tub filters and pumps is not hard.  For the filter, just remove the existing filter and put in the new cartridge.  The pumps can be more challenging, so you can either have a handy person do it or even a spa tech, but the process basically involves shutting off the spa, draining it or closing the service valves (don’t forget to open the valves when you are done), unplugging the pump cord from the spa pack, loosening the 2 pump unions, removing the screws that hold the pump to the spa floor or pump mount, remove the old pump, replace it with the new one and reverse the procedure.

Getting the spa working again is as simple as ordering in the right parts or accessories. Enjoy your hot tub in the winter and all season long.

Buy Spa Filters Online For Ultimate Convenience

Spending a few minutes in your very own hot tub can do wonders for your body and your stress levels. Studies have shown that hydrotherapy sessions provided by spas can truly have a significant positive impact on your physical and mental health. In order to maximize the enjoyment you get from your spa, it is essential to keep all of its components in good working order. There will be times where certain components may have to be repaired or replaced based on the age and usage of your spa. One of the more important components is your hot tub’s filter, which should be replaced every year or so. When it’s time for replacement, buy spa filters online for the ultimate in convenience.

The filter system of your spa is one of the most important features of your tub, as it is greatly responsible for keeping the water clean and clear of all dirt, grime, debris and bacteria that may enter the spa water. Without a properly functioning filter, your spa runs the risk of being contaminated with harmful substances that render the spa water unsafe for occupancy.

When it’s time to buy spa filters online, consider your options. There are essentially 3 types of filters you can purchase:

1) Diatomaceous earth filter – These are also known as “green” filters since they are environmentally friendly, are non-polluting and are able to capture even the tiniest microorganisms found in the earth. These filters have a very fine mesh which allows it to capture these super tiny particles.

2) Sand filter – This is a rather common filter which extracts impurities from the spa water by using sand to collect this dirt and debris. These filters use a backwashing mechanism to eliminate the dirt from the water.

3) Cartridge filter – This is probably the most common filter which runs at low pressure, and allows for more water flow and turnover of water.

Most spas come with cartridge filters and there are many shapes and sizes. Buying cartridges from the spa manufacturer can be very pricey. The same basic filters are available from filter manufacturers and you can usually find the right one to fit any well-known brand of spa. Whichever filter you choose, consider shopping online with a credible online source like HotTubOutpost.com, who have been in business for years and have a fabulous track record at supplying customers with top quality products at factory direct prices. Visit their online showroom today and select the appropriate filter for your spa.

Discount Hot Tub Filter Sale

Discount Hot Tub Cartridge Filters

Discount Hot Tub Filters Online

Discount Hot Tub Filters Online

Hot tub filters are often overlooked until they are almost completely disintigrated and cracked.  In the mean time, the spa plumbing, heater and other components were not getting the full benefit of clean water passing through the filter.  In extreme cases, the water pressure drops at the heater and a FLO problem occurs. Also pump seals can wear, causing a leaky pump.

Unnecessary maintenance issues like these can be prevented with routine filter maintenance.  Regular washing between the pleats to clean the filter media will help extend the life of paper cartridge filters.  At one point, usually every year to year and half, the filter should be replaced.

Low priced filters are available online that are compatible with most any spa.  Knowing a Pleatco or Unicel reference number will help assure the filter bought online will fit and work.  Sometimes this number is stamped on the endcap of the filter, or the manufacturer can tell the customer what filter model it is. Otherwise, taking measurements of the filter is a sure way to find a suitable replacement online.

How to measure a cartridge filter for replacement?  Take the length of the filter and measure the width. Then measure the center hole diameter and make note of any obstructions such as solid end caps instead of ones with holes in them, bulging endcaps or strings and handles on one side. Some filters also have a threaded side that screws into the filter canister instead of most filters that just have a round hole going all the way through the filter center.

With filter measurements in hand, compare the dimensions to ones found online and make note of the Unicel reference number for easier shopping next time. Find the best deals on replacement spa filters at SpaFilters.ca or see the page on Best places to find a discount hot tub filter online.

Happy Tubbing!