Discount Hot Tub Filters

Discount Hot Tub Filters online

Discount Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub owners should replace their hot tub cartridge filters annually. After a few cycles of cleaning the filter and allowing it to filter spa water, the pores in the filter media become more clogged, the filter itself starts to break down and the plastic casing or end caps may even begin to crack. To assure pristine water quality, the spa filter should be replaced every year or so depending on use.

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Hot Tub Filter Discounts

Hot tub cartridge filters are usually categorized by a Pleatco, Unicel or Filbur number. Sometimes the number is stamped right into the plastic endcap on the filter, allowing for the sourcing of easy replacements. Dirty filters can cause numerous problems with a hot tub, from simple FLO and flow restriction problems to complicated water chemistry issues which can further degrade pump seals, o-rings and other hot tub plumbing components.

A hot tub requires little maintenance aside from maintaining water balance, but regularly cleaning and replacing a hot tub filter is necessary to maintain optimum performance and also keep the spa running properly without costly repair bills resulting from poor water quality.

Some manufacturers even stipulate that warranties may be null and void if the cause of a mechanical problem resulted from an unmaintained spa with an unmaintained or clogged filter. Some hot tubbers can let the filter go a year and a half or even two years before replacement, but that is already pushing the limits of the paper filter media which results in less effective cleaning of the water as the filter ages.

Spa filters do not need to be sourced by spa manufacturer, because the manufacturer may even change the filter canister in a given spa model, or there could be several filters that fit the same spa. In some cases, for example a 25 sq.ft. or 50sq.ft. filter, the filter size may be exactly the same, but only the media (filter paper) is less or more depending on total square footage. Basically the more square footage of filter media in a given cartridge filter, the more pleats it will have in order to contain the filter. Having more pleats and media results in more surface area which can trap particles and contaminants and help achieve clearer water.

Whether you have a Sundance Spa, Jacuzzi, QCA Spa or Beachcomber Spa, you can source a replacement cartridge filter based on the Unicel, Pleatco or Filbur reference number. Taking a measurement of the filter height and width, and measuring the inner hole diameter is an additional prudent step to take to make sure you receive the correct replacement filter.

Some replacement hot tub filters require special instructions, such as those that have closed end caps on one or both sides, a pull string, handle or rounded top. Most filters just have a single hole diameter going all the way through the core of the filter, so they just require measuring height, width and hole diameter.

Some filters even have one side that has threaded union which screws into the proprietary filter canister. Having the generic replacement part number as given by Unicel, Filbur and Pleatco will assure you get the correct replacement.

Most times, as long as the filter is of the same size, it will serve it’s purpose, so off-brand filters can be used and result in substantial cost savings. There are many great generic brand hot tub filters sold at deep discounts to regular Pleatco brand filters.