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Hot tub parts sources in the U.S. and Canada:

In the U.S. contact Hot Tub Outpost (

Need filters in Canada? See Spa Filters Canada.

Finding hot tub parts online is easy and the prices are often better then buying them locally.  Shopping online also allows for access to thousands of parts instantly rather than waiting weeks to special order items through a non-stocking retailer.

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Most spa manufacturers buy components from third party manufacturers so sourcing a replacement can be done online, often finding the exact same part brand which the manufacturer used to build the spa. Examples include Balboa and Gecko electronics, Waterway or Aquaflo pumps or various models of jets, blowers, ozonators and other hot tub components.

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Maintain Your Hot Tub

Dream Star QCAHot tub maintenance should not be complicated, but keeping the filter clean and the water balance will indirectly help avoid costly repairs to components that can become damaged by out of balance hot tub water.  For example, if the pH level of the spa water is kept out of the ideal 7.2-7.6 range, early damage to pump seals and other o-rings can occur.

This may manifest itself in the form of a leak or wearing plastic part. Other damage can be calcification of the heater element. This means that if the pH level is left too high and calcium deposits precipitate out of the water (like when there is a white coating of calcium on the spa shell), then they can also collect on the heater element which forces the heater to work harder to heat the water. The result will be a higher electrical bill or eventual heater element replacement.

Keeping hot tub water clean will pay dividends by avoiding costly repairs. If a part should be needed, discount hot tub parts can be found through many online sources.

Look for those that offer free shipping, especially when buying expensive, bulky or heavy parts such as pumps or spa packs.

Learn more about hot tub water care and the Monday-Wednesday-Friday spa water care program.