Shop for Discount Hot Tubs

Discount hot tub spas just mean they are bought for less,  but can still be of very high quality. Here a couple enjoys a discount hot tub.

Discount Hot Tub Enjoyment


Why overpay for a hot tub by paying for fancy store overhead.  If you know where to shop, you can slice hundreds or even thousands off of the price of a quality spa.  From entry level models in the $2,000 – $3,000 range, hot tubs don’t have to cost an arm and leg to heal your arm or leg !

There are many places to buy hot tubs on the internet.  You can go to, Amazon or Ebay.

You can also buy portable hot tubs direct from the manufacturers: Shop online at .

There are two connotations to the words discount hot tubs.  One is a cheap spa made of low grade materials and offered at a low price. But there are also high quality spas that are simply not marked up as much as others.  In this case, discount means you pay less for basically the same item.  With a luxury product such as a hot tub, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars is possible while not compromising on quality if you know where to shop.

If you are in the position to haggle for a spa in person, keep in mind that the hot tub industry has went through difficult times in recent years and you can usually negotiate a better bargain.  Another way of negotiating may be for the inclusion of accessories and free delivery.  Shipping a hot tub can cost hundreds of dollars, so getting free shipping will help avoid this extra, costly expense.

When scouting for hot tubs, one lower cost option is to buy a plug and play acrylic spa.  The materials are still high quality, but these units do not require extra electrical installation which can run several hundred dollars.  They are also available for immediate use.  Simply position the plug and play hot tub, fill it with water from a garden hose and plug it into a standard 110v outlet using the provided GFCI safety cord. No electrical installation, no hassle.  Of course there is always a trade-off when it comes to saving money vs. performance expectations.  A 230v hot tub can operate a higher powered heater simultaneously with the jets.  This means the spa heats faster, maintains temperature longer and can be used in colder climates without the temperature falling too fast during use.

For warmer climates and occaisional use, a 110v plug and play hot tub may just do the trick and save money too.

Another consideration is the water volume of a spa.  On the one hand, a higher water volume means more room inside the spa.  Whether you like to stretch out more or want to accommodate more people in the hot tub, a larger spa with higher volume will assure maximum comfort.   On the other hand, the more water there is in the spa, the more heating will be needed.  So for very large spas, it is recommended to have them run at 230v and be hard-wired with an external GFCI by an electrician.  This type of installation usually runs around $500 -$800 including a GFCI and shutoff box as well as the circuit breaker in the main panel (usually 50A or 60A).  Part of this expense is running the right thickness and length of cable to supply power to the spa.

Once a hot tub size and layout is determined along with whether it should be plug and play or hard-wired, then finding the best deal is just a matter of identifying those manufacturers that have withstood the test of time and have been in business at least 20 or more years in order to assure they will be around to support your hot tub down the road.