Save Money by Buying Factory Direct Hot Tubs

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to buy your very own hot tub spa if you know how and where to shop for them. Buying factory direct hot tubs is a smart way to purchase them because of the elimination of the middleman, and the avoidance of paying a mark-up from retailers. Browsing and shopping for hot tubs directly from a reputable manufacturer online, such as QCASpa – a leader in aqua technology since 1966, has many advantages for the consumer.

Benefit #1: Factory Direct Discount Prices

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a hot tub online directly from a manufacturer is the lower purchase price. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars by shopping factory direct rather than buying from a conventional retailer. Manufacturers who deal with the public are selling their products at lower prices than their retailing counterparts. This is because retailers charge a premium on their products in order for them to profit, pay overhead and commissions. By eliminating the middleman, the consumer is able to save quite a bit of money.

Benefit #2: Convenience and Hassle-Free Shopping

There is no better way to shop than sitting at home, without having to waste gas and time traveling from one store to another. In addition to saving time, you do not have to deal with any salespeople who may be working on commission and possibly push you into making a sale for them. When you shop online for factory direct hot tubs, you can gather all the necessary information you need on specific hot tubs without having to deal with any salespeople, or exerting energy to hop from one store to the next.

Benefit #3: Compare Different Brands and Models Easily With the Wide Selection

The selection you can find online is much greater than what you would find in a showroom at a store, as not all available models can possibly be put out on display. It is so easy to compare different lines and models of spas online by referring to charts and spa specifications the manufacturers’ website provides. For example, supplies charts on specifications for their tubs, making it easy to compare each model to each other. Simply spend a few minutes browsing online and find a variety of different types of well-built hot tubs in every budget to meet your needs.

Buying online also lets you pick your shell and cabinet color, as well as accessories. You can customize your spa with a built in stereo system, LED lighting and more. If you order your QCA spa through, you can also get free shipping! Buy an American built spa, backed by a comprehensive warranty, and have it delivered right to your door at the best prices!

The Economical Benefits of Buying Discount Spas

If you are wondering what the difference between a cheap spa and discount hot tub is, the answer is quality. Low end spas are typically made of substandard materials and the low price reflects that quality. When you purchase a discount spa, you are paying less but are buying a high end product. This can raise another question – Why are these high end spas discounted in the first place.

High end hot tubs can be purchased at a discount when you get them directly from the manufacturer. The discount you receive is based on the fact that you are not paying for retail inflation. This means you can purchase the spa you desire for a price you can afford, all the while avoiding the middleman of retail.

Cheap, low end spas are made of less durable materials, often vinyl. Vinyl is not as durable as acrylic – which is what high end spas are made of it. Vinyl can fall victim to wear and tear and the chemicals used to clean your tub can leave it discolored and unattractive. Acrylic is resistant to these chemicals and the high end hot tubs can utilize water cleaning systems that use salt instead. The spas recycle the salt and keep your tub sparkling clean and fresh without a consistent dose of expensive chemicals.

In essence, when you purchase a cheap hot tub, you will end up paying for more in the end. Whether it be vinyl repairs, chemicals or replacement parts – the cheaper you go, the more money you end up paying to maintain it. When you purchase a high end hot tub at a discount, you are getting the quality you deserve for your hard earned money. The materials are strong and the components are high quality and state-of-the-art. There is a lot to be said about new technology and efficiency. The best is when you can get an experienced manufacturer that uses the latest techniques and best spa components on the market.

If you are considering purchasing a hot tub or upgrading the one you currently own – don’t waste your time and go cheap. When it comes to luxury items, one must consider the entire picture and not just the immediate payment. Everyone knows that quality products are built to last.

Spring Hot Tub Discounts

Spring is arriving again and the hot tub discounts are available online.  Spring is the most popular time of year to buy a hot tub.  Buying a hot tub online involves a little research as it is difficult to get any kind of unbiased opinion when speaking to spa salespeople in a retail store much less by a high pressure in-home salesperson (similar to the pressure cooker encyclopedia salesmen of the 70’s).

Most people don’t require an in-home salesperson with all of the hand-holding that justifies a high retail price.  For those that can do some research and figure out the logistics of a hot tub installation, the process is not that complicated.

Where can you get the lowest possible price and best discount on a new hot tub?  Directly from the hot tub manufacturer as there is no retail layer or distributor that needs to get paid for arranging the hot tub delivery.  Buying factory direct through a directly connected distributor also allows direct contact with factory employed technicians that specialize in the brand of spa you select.   While some spa stores do employ their own service staff, a service technician that works at the actual hot tub factory day in and day out is more qualified to handle any service requests related to that brand of spa.

Some manufacturers have protected territories and a dealer network, but this business model usually results in higher prices for the consumer.  Savvy hot tub buyers are seeking out hot tub manufacturers distributors that offer their own factory-direct e-commerce store.

Discount hot tub spas online

Spring Sale on Hot Tubs Online

Once such store is the online hot tub store operated by the hot tub factory that is one of the oldest in the world and in business through all of the global financial storms since 1966.

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Enjoy your new Hot Tub Spa.