Who is In The Tub?

You never know whooze in da tub. This relaxing lion loves “baked beings”. This is why it is a good idea to
use a hot tub cover and also to lock it with the provided keys. Most hot tub covers have cover locks and tie down straps so even gusty winds and passing lions can’t get into the tub when you are not home.

Keep the lions out with a good hot tub cover. Thicker covers may need a cover lifter as well. Cover lifts are available at HotTubOutpost.com in the States and online in Canada.

Cover Butler is a popular type of cover lifter where a bar goes all the way across the cover and makes lifting it with one hand a breeze.

Once you have spa steps, a cover lifter and even an LED light bulb, add a dash of aromatherapy liquid and drift away into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation.