QCA Spas Insulation

QCA Spas hot tub model onlineInsulation is an important energy saving feature of a hot tub. The spas made in Iowa by QCA Spas all exceed the stringent requirements of the California Energy Commission and employ a multi-layer approach to insulating a hot tub.

First of all, since heat rises, having a quality hot tub cover is the single most important component to saving energy and electricity. Covers without steam stoppers and other energy saving features may let heat escape more rapidly from the spa than would be the case with a well-made spa cover. QCA uses excellent quality covers that include these features to not negate the rest of the energy savings construction methods.

The spa cabinet has insulation all the way around. The Styrofoam with an added reflective foil barrier adds an extra level of insulation. The spa is foamed and the cabinet is insulated. The heat recovery system is the dead air space that traps hot air. This not only creates that window pane type air insulation barrier, but allows the hot air to be reused to heat the water.

Fully foamed spas are an old style method of building hot tubs because the foam provided support to thin spa shell material. These types of spas are extremely costly to repair should a leak occur as finding leaks in fully foamed cabinets involves digging out a lot of foam and then trying to find the component that has a leak. By the time a leak is even apparent in these types of hot tubs, a foul odor can already be permeating the cabinet and mold, mildew and bacteria may be present.

Avoid the hassle and potentially high repair bills by buying a hot tub like the QCA Spas line that uses thermal air barrier type insulation as one of the insulating factors.

QCA Spas hot tub modelThe Polar Insulation System traps the heat inside the cabinet without needing exhaust vents that would let all the warm air escape.  A well-insulated spa + a great spa cover = energy savings for your hot tub.

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