What to Consider When Purchasing a Pool

Limited on space in the backyard but still have dreams of owning your own pool? The beauty of above ground pools is that you can set them up anywhere and they don’t take up your whole yard. Above ground pools are available in a multitude of dimensions to fit your space requirements and offer the same enjoyment as in-ground pools.

Buying a round above ground pool has its advantages. They cost a tenth of the price that your average in-ground pool costs. Installing an above ground pool is as simple as picking the spot in your yard and putting it together. You can be swimming in your new pool the same day you purchase it. In-ground pools can take weeks to install and having to deal with heavy machinery and construction is never fun.

Above ground pools are easy to clean and maintain due to their height. You don’t have to worry about the daily cleaning of plant matter and dirt or fishing out critters that wander in. There are covers that can be placed over your pool with ease to keep it clean and ready to swim in.

If you have small children, above ground pools offer the added comfort of safety. In-ground pools are so accessible that anytime a child (or pet) is in the backyard, they can easily slip in. Once they are in the pool they are always tempted to get in the deep end. Supervising kids around a pool can be stressful. In order to get into an above ground pool, you need to access a ladder. Most children need assistance getting in and that means you can control when and for how long they remain in the pool. Above ground pools are uniform in depth, which means there is no deep end or shallow end. There is no risk of children slipping into the deep end without supervision because there isn’t one! They also can help with the resale of your home. Most people do not want to be burdened with the maintenance and costs that come with an in-ground pool. You can even take the above ground pool with you when you move.

So if you are considering the addition of a pool to your home, remember the benefits of an above ground pool. Don’t waste this summer dreaming of swimming, get a pool for less money and enjoy the heat. Buy above ground pools online with www.hottuboutpost.com and get all your needed accessories, factory direct pricing and free shipping.

Various Above Ground Swimming Pool Sizes

Once you have made the decision to install an above ground pool in your backyard, one of the next factors to consider is what size you should get. Deciding on above ground swimming pool sizes for your home requires consideration of a few things: First of all, how much space do you have? How often will you be using the pool? How many people will be using it at once? What is your budget? These are some of the things you should think about before deciding on the perfect size for your above ground pool.

Buying the Right Size Pool From HotTubOutpost.com

In order to ensure that you are buying a quality above-ground pool, your best bet is to purchase one from a reputable manufacturer like QCA Spas, who has been in the business for over 46 years. They manufacture and supply a variety of different sizes and ranges of round above ground swimming pool sizes, which come in 18′, 21′, 24′ and 27′ sizes to accommodate different uses and needs.

There are two different grades of above ground pools sold by QCA Spas- the 100 series and the 200 series. Each grade is of great quality, but a key feature of the 200 series is that the top seat and caps are full 7″ resin. The uprights, top and bottom joint plates are also full 7″ resin. This provides for a more durable, sturdier, long lasting framework. These pools are a bit more expensive because of the added stability of construction, but are worth every penny.  You can buy the QCA Spas direct from the manufacturer by going to the website: www.HotTubOutpost.com.

Above Ground Pool Kits

Installing an above ground pool is very quick and easy. Regardless of which one of the above ground swimming pool sizes you have chosen, the models can fit in just about any yard. When you buy a quality above ground pool kit from HotTubOutpost.com, you’ll get everything you need for quick installation, and begin using your pool almost immediately. They will even throw in free shipping, so you can have it delivered to your door!

Each above ground pool kits comes with all the necessary structural elements, a filter and energy-efficient pump, a top quality heavy gauge 20 mil vinyl liner, and a pool ladder that can be locked in place after use to prevent children from accidentally getting into the pool when no one is around.

Select the perfect size round above ground pool from HotTubOutpost.com and enjoy endless fun with friends in family, at a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool.